Overview of some customers who use DextraData software

Why Dex7?

Three reasons for Dex7

1. Make existing devices smart
Retrofit – objects, devices and vehicles from all manufacturers can be made smart using sensor technology.
2. Wait and see instead of blindly waiting
Get instant answers from collected data and don’t have to service your devices until you really need to.
3. Not only find, but also optimize
Not only do you find your devices faster, the data also allows you to optimize processes, reduce costs or optimize energy.

A selection of our partners and compatible technologies

Appreciate your time – Use time more wisely with Dex7

Dex7 at a glance

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Tracking (RTLS)

Outdoor and indoor location tracking enable the precise determination of the position of people or objects using sensors and wireless technologies such as cellular network, Wi-Fi, Ultra Wide Band or Bluetooth. Applications are diverse, from security in office buildings to improving the customer experience in retail stores. Benefits include optimized workplace utilization, faster responses to emergency situations, and improved work process control. The market is growing, although the complexity is often overestimated.

Smart Facility

Smart facility management is a modern approach to organizing buildings efficiently. It involves the management of buildings and their technical equipment, energy saving, environmental protection, security measures and the optimal use of premises.

Smart Parking

Smart Parking comprises technologies and systems for more efficient and convenient parking space management. Sensors, communication technologies and data analysis make it easier to find parking spaces. Benefits include reduced parking space searches, improved efficiency, optimal use of resources, and additional functions such as mobile payments and reservations. The market for smart parking is growing as cities, businesses and parking operators recognize the benefits and use the technology to solve traffic problems and increase customer satisfaction.