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Dex7 Smart Facility: Smart building management

Smart Facility Management is an innovative method for the effective management of buildings. Facility management includes building and infrastructure management, energy and environmental management, security measures and space management. The goal is efficient operation and maintenance of facilities. Our Dex7 Smart Facility platform provides a comprehensive overview of facility management and optimizes time-consuming processes. From facility documentation to location tracking on plans, Dex7 Smart Facility offers single sign-on integration and clear maintenance overviews. Dex7 Smart Facility gives your building a voice and enables efficient management.

Dex7 Smart Facility manages and maintains

  • Dex7 Smart Facility is the best way to keep track of all your properties and manage them too.
  • Dex7 Smart Facility provides optimal maintenance scheduling, inventory tracking, work order management and on-time, error-free maintenance.  
  • Dex7 Smart Facility supports chaotic maintenance and helps bring order to chaos. 

Dex7 Smart Facility is communicative, effective and saves 

  • Dex7 Smart Facility provides improved communication and efficient collaboration between managers, technicians and stakeholders.
  • Dex7 Smart Facility is flexible, which means it can be easily customized to meet the needs of any facility, regardless of its size or complexity.
  • Dex7 Smart Facility reduces costs through better asset management, timely maintenance and reduction of emergency repairs.

Three reasons for Dex7 Smart Facility

1. Dex7 Smart Facility enables master data collection.
Capture property information, assets, technicians and associated companies, and add facility and asset information.
2. Dex7 Smart Facility enables creation of schedules.

Setting maintenance intervals per facility or asset, overview of next inspection with proactive reminders.

3. Dex7 Smart Facility enables task management and distribution.
Assignment of tasks to responsible persons, insight into important information, processing, documentation and completion of tasks.

Top-Features Dex7 Smart Facility

Implementation with Dex7
Device location
Worldwide location of assets and people possible.
Utilization & Usage Time
Details about each device. From the serial number to the last inspection.
System availability
For assets that include sensors for predictive maintenance.
Information on runtimes, maintenance times, anomalies and utilization
Facility Management
Management of building assets (e.g. doors & windows)
Parking management
Management of parking spaces or truck slots
Possible with Dex7 Smart Parking