Tracking for companies

Dex7: Seek and you shall find (much much faster)

Equipment often has to be searched for at length. Valuable working time that is better not wasted. Tracking solutions can help to track and monitor the location and movement of resources (e.g. emergency vehicles, employees or equipment) in real time. We offer a solution that allows companies to always know exactly where something is or where something can be found. The Dex7 IoT tracking solution enables indoor and outdoor tracking to within two meters.

Dex7 locates, visualizes and evaluates

  • Dex7 is an IoT solution that can connect various Real Time Tracking System (RTLS) solutions on demand and find trackable items.
  • Dex7 can not only locate and find objects, but also visualize charge status, fill level or service needs.
  • Dex7 is technologically very independent. It works wherever there is cell phone reception.

Dex7 is uncomplicated and effective

  • Dex7’s trackables work in WiFi environments, with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID), magnetic fields or GPS, depending on requirements.
  • As software, Dex7 is lightning fast to deploy. Minimal intervention in the IT environment is required.
  • Dex7’s trackables operate outside buildings using proprietary radio networks. Thus global tracking is possible.
  • Dex7 can locate objects anywhere in the world to within a few meters.
  • Dex7 works with all kinds of trackables. Retrofit is possible for existing devices.

Top-Features Dex7 Tracking

Implementation with Dex7
Device location
Worldwide location of assets and people possible.
Utilization & Usage Time
Details about each device. From the serial number to the last inspection.
System availability
For assets that already include sensors.
Information on runtimes, maintenance schedules, anomalies and workloads.
Facility Management
Management of building assets (e.g. doors, windows and fire alarm systems)
Possible with Dex7 Smart Facility
Parking management
Management of parking spaces or truck slots
Possible with Dex7 Smart Parking