The end of the search for a parking space

Dex7 Smart Parking: Parking management of the future

Seek and you shall find? True, but it takes longer and longer: Whether employees, business people or commercial deliverers – they search for free parking spaces or slots in highly frequented city centers or factory premises. Impudent long-term parkers make the situation even worse. With Dex7 Smart Parking, we offer a solution that resolves parking chaos with and without sensors. Without sensors, Dex7 shows itself to be an effective management support based on scheduled bookings. With parking sensors, they communicate wirelessly with the Dex7 IoT platform. Using real-time data from parking sensors, Dex7 creates a digital twin of the parking lot to show available or occupied spaces. The sensor communicates with Dex7 via the cellular network. As a result, Dex7 now enables efficient parking and slot management.

Dex7 Smart Parking controls, manages and optimizes parking spaces

  • Dex7 Smart Parking is a solution for digital parking management based on real-time occupancy data.
  • Dex7 Smart Parking controls long-term and illegal parkers. They are automatically rewarded with a parking ticket.
  • Dex7 Smart Parking optimizes parking space and e-charging station usage through visualized real-time data.

Dex7 Smart Parking works with and without sensors and saves CO2 emissions

  • Dex7 Smart Parking also works without sensors. You can efficiently manage booked parking space allocations.
  • Dex7 Smart Parking works even with thick concrete in parking garages or underground garages via LoRa or NarrowBand-IoT (NB-IoT).
  • Dex7 Smart Parking not only saves money through increased efficiency, but also CO2 emissions.

Three reasons for Dex7 Smart Parking

1. Digital parking space list: Capture all parking spaces for easy management.
Comprehensive overview of all digitized parking spaces for efficient parking management. Quick identification of free and occupied parking spaces via a practical map view and effective parking space occupancy incl. live map view and real-time information.
2. Interactive map view shows current parking space occupancy in real time.
Optimal parking management through fast and accurate information on parking space availability and management functions incl. user accounts and parking history.
3. Flexible user administration with individual account structures and authorizations.
Access to timeout history for effective management and review with easy CSV download of all parking transactions for further analysis and reporting.

Top-Features Dex7 Smart Parking

Implementation with Dex7 Smart Parking
Parking ticket
Identify long-term and illegal parkers.
Utilization & Usage Time
See which parking spaces and slots are used particularly frequently.
E-charging station management
Use e-charging stations more efficiently and practice predictive maintenance.
Management of deliveries and collections by trucks.
Facility Management
Management of parking assets (e.g. doors & windows)
Possible with Dex7 Smart Facility